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Legal & ID Theft Plans

Winter Insurance Group offers Legal & ID Theft Plans. In a world where so much seems beyond an individual’s control, our brands, LegalShield and IDShield, empower people to defend themselves against injustice and secure their future.

Legal access made easier

Every individual and every business deserves access to affordable legal advice — from estate planning and protecting property investments to resolving traffic accidents and protecting business interests. Our innovative LegalShield app simplifies access to legal advice and services by connecting members with our exclusive network of over 6,000 lawyers across the U.S. and Canada.

With the touch of a button, members can speak with a lawyer and receive advice and consultation on legal issues. We give members the help they need now and equip them to protect their future from whatever life throws their way.

Reputation and identity protection for everyone

We believe everyone has a right to live life online without worry. While the internet has no shortage of threats, IDShield helps people rest easy with our credit and identity monitoring services, as well as reputation restoration if fraud does occur.

We also offer Privacy Management Services, which combines the power of the IDShield mobile app and our certified Licensed Private Investigators. This gives members the ability to comprehensively protect their personal data while helping them navigate the privacy and reputational pitfalls that exist online.

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